Welcome to Sir James Self Catering , a tranquil, resting escape.

With ample parking space, the home stay caters a hassle-free check-in. The cosy spacious and well-furnished rooms consist with all your needs. We have Elegantly designed, charming rooms with attached private bathrooms and shower, towels are featured. Great for a perfect holiday.

Too top it all there is no load shedding, at Sir James self-catering you can do all your important tasks on your laptop with no interruption as normal, or enjoy a good full movie.

We are situated in the heart of Cape Town’s tourist attractions and will leave you reminiscing over the beauty of wine valleys to gorgeous mountain sights. We ensures their guests with the experience they deserve. With ample parking space to enable ease of access as well as catering a hassle-free check -in. The cosy, spacious and well-furnished rooms consist of everything to enable a comfortable stay. Sir James Self-Catering is rich in ambiance, individuality and passionate about great hospitality. The intimate, luxurious and quirky rooms are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern. We want to ensure your stay is lively and warm, making it a real home away from home. For travellers who love to be surrounded by ever changing landscapes of the rugged beauty and timeless enchantment of nature; it is not far from your door step. We employ individuals who have a positive attitude and who are considerate to every guests’ need and who take personal responsibility to make the right things happen.

Sir James Self Catering values

We are firmly committed to the following values:
⦁ Creativity & Innovation
⦁ Teamwork
⦁ Honesty & Integrity
⦁ Strive for excellence and comfort

No temptation will be strong enough, no adversity severe enough for us to abandon them.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark brand in the hospitality sector by delighting our customers with world class innovative products and services, nurturing and retaining talent through empowerment, satisfying ourselves with excellent returns and fostering community welfare.

Top Quality

Sir James Self Catering affirms that ‘Quality’ is a primary goal for every team member. We will achieve this through continuous training and communication with a focus on developing ‘Quality’ as a way of life. This will enhance customer delight by delivering world class quality products which are safe, consistent and innovative. In the process we promote ‘Quality’ with no compromise on our core values reflected in our commitment towards our guests, team members and the community in general.