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Best Places For Scuba Diving In Cape Town

The False Bay Side

The inside of false bay is an interesting scuba diving spot You can roam around with seals here also with some cow-sharks and some interesting nude beaches.The good roads here make it easy to reach the shore dives and big cow-sharks can also be seen from the shore. The False Bay is best dived in the winter months, that’s when the prevailing winds flatten and you get a clean bay.

The Clan Stuart

SS Clan Stuart” is a British turret steamer that was used to transport coal and it weighed 3500 ton. SS Clan Stuart dragged her anchor on 21st November 1914 and is a wreck since then.The wreck is a shallow dive and is suitable for divers of all levels. It is a great shore drive, and is suitable for night dives and training. This area has a diverse range of reef animals.

The A-Frame

This is an interesting dive as you enter through an easy opening and get to see a variety of marine life. You enter through a flat plateau, a rock one and then descend down a shallow sandy space where the tour starts through Kelp Forest past the huge boulders. The deep holes and overhangs create an interesting swim through where you will observe several colorful invertebrates. The site is suitable more for a night dive. Cuttlefish, octopus and shy sharks are a common sight here.